Aleksei Kaminski

Aleksei Kaminski

Aleksei Kaminski

MCG Invitational

Eleanor Friedberg Scholarship Awards 2016

Third Place

Baga, Nigeria

Print Making


Artist Statement

As an artist, I illustrate and document from my imagination and observations. I specifically focus on the movement of people in the world, and facial expres- sion. I’m profoundly interested by the structure of the face and how we can change our facial expressions simultane- ously. I also base much of my artwork by focusing on the composition of my own observations, whether if I’m in a market, in a public square, or even in a secluded area. I relish drawing and documenting busy layouts that are yet distinguishable. For most of my work, I use mediums such as acrylic or oil paint, pen and ink, and film or digital photography. Furthermore, I hope for viewers to examine my work and recognize the minuscule details that bring each of my works into one unified piece.

The Market

Digital Photography


Accra Vest

Happy Kids

Pen and Ink