Kira Lugo

Kira Lugo

Kira Lugo

MCG Invitational

Eleanor Friedberg Scholarship Awards 2016

First Place


Acrylic NFS

Mono won a gold medal in the National Scholastic Art Awards and is currently on display in New York City. Reproduction is on view at Eastside Gallery.

Artist Statement

My portfolio follows a theme of con- sciousness of the self. To clarify this I’ve created pieces that evoke a feeling of being more aware of oneself, done through both people and object repre- sentation passed through everyday life. “Aura and Skin” was painted to detail the sense of self that comes along

with others sensing you. In this piece for example, walking into light from formerly feeling unseen in the dark makes one conscious of the physical form. This illustrates contrast between personal thoughts and being conscious of your physical stance among oth- ers. I painted “Lawrenceville” as a

self portrait with ink illustrations of the neighborhood from my walk home in order to represent how the past eight years living within the environment has affected myself from childhood into adulthood. “Lookout” carries a similar ideology, however expresses the sense of physical being arising from stand- ing among nature, like feeling “small” against a large sky in this piece. Fi- nally, “Mono” was started a year ago while I unknowingly had mononucleo- sis, which therefore played a role in the title. This piece addresses ranging personalities that can be found within one (mono) person, the same physical being holding multiple moods.


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