The Pittsburgh Group

The Pittsburgh Group

1977 - Present

The Pittsburgh Group are fourteen women artists who live in southwestern Pennsylvania and exhibit as a group biennially. As individuals, we show locally, nationally, and internationally. Art by our members is regularly represented in juried exhibitions of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, the Society of Sculptors, Group A, the Fiberarts Guild, and the Pittsburgh Society of Artists.

Our monthly gatherings began thirty-seven years ago as a result of a class taught by the late Jerry Caplan at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Many of the original members are still in the group and others have been invited over the years. We provide critiques of the art brought to the meetings as well as an opportunity to discuss techniques and concepts. Through this sharing of constructive advice, we clarify, and elaborate upon, our individual visualizations in a way which is not possible while working in isolation.

We represent a wide range of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, collage, metalsmithing, photography, digital art, and installation art. Although we possess distinct visual vocabularies, we also value personal connections that have come about as we have shared experiences and developed friendships through the years.

Donna Hollen Bolmgren*

JoAnne Bates

Alexis Dillon

Dorothy Forman

Adrienne Heinrich

Fumino Hora (residing in Japan presently)

Lorraine Levy*

Elaine Morris

Judith Musser

Ellen Chisdes Neuberg

Jane Ogren

Susan Pollins

Debra Platt

Aline Shader

Phiris Kathryn Sickels

Lucienne Wald

Jill Whittaker

Susan Winicour*

Kathleen Zimbicki

*recently deceased