Beth Hovanec

My subjects include people, scenery, nature, and animals. Animals are a favorite to depict. I wanted a cohesive theme for this project, but also something challenging. One of the most challenging animals to paint or draw is the horse. So I chose the horse as the subject for this show.

Horses can be pets, work animals, race horses, and even carousel horses! I set out to portray them in many different ways. But what I found happening, was that I began portraying a feeling that emanated from the horse. The horses possessed power, strength, loyalty, softness, gracefulness, wildness, freedom and kindness. It can be seen in their body language, and in their expressions. Even carousel horses, with their lavish decorations and bright colors, have piercing eyes and seem to want to tell a tale. If I could see it, could I make others see it too? No longer was the challenge the difficult anatomy of the horse, but depicting the beauty and emotions of the animal.