Debra Platt

Artist Statement

I continually explore new media, and my work often combines a variety, including photography, encaustic, oils, acrylic, pastel, and watercolor. I am also a metalsmith, making jewelry, working mainly in sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Inspiration comes from travel, religion, spirituality, life experiences, and both natural and urban surroundings. Capturing both beauty and decay, photography is often the basis of my works. Art has always been a passion and a form of both therapy and creative expression.

Debra Ciarelli Platt

An award-winning graphic designer, Debra worked for 10 years in WQED Pittsburgh’s design center as a graphic designer and later as production manager, as well as with several advertising agencies and design firms along the way. She worked as a studio assistant to Tibetan-born, British artist Gonkar Gyatso. A mother of three grown children, she currently works as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, exhibition coordinator, and artist. Her passion projects include Master Visual Artists: Preserving the Legacy Exhibitions, Art Advocacy Speaks: Art for Social Change, and as a co-partner with Eastside Gallery along with four other women artists. Member of The Pittsburgh Group, and Associated Artists of Pittsburgh since 2011.

Master Visual Artists: Preserving the legacy at Heinz History Center

Art Advocacy Speaks: Art for Social Change

Boxheart Gallery - No Boundaries: The Pittsburgh Group :

Panza Gallery - Associated Artists Pittsburgh: AAP/Void Absent Empty