Samira Shaheen

Samira Shaheen

Painting to me is a reflection of my experience in the world I am a multi-disciplinary artist. My work can be abstract, representational or three dimensional, painted in acrylic or watercolor. Many of the paintings were inspired by my love for travel and the water.

This group of paintings is reflective of the work that I have done for the past eight years and my exploration most recently with found materials and natural fiber.


Samira Shaheen earned a Bachelor of Arts and Philosophy, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University. Samira has taken many workshops Presently, she is a member of the Associated Artist of Pittsburgh, The Pittsburgh Society of Artists, and the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society. She exhibited in many galleries and has had two solo exhibits in Pittsburgh & Nantucket. More recently, she was invited to be in the curated Associated Artist of Pittsburgh 106 Annual Exhibition.

World in Flux

watercolor & mixed media

H31.5” x W25”


Wellfleet Oysters

watercolor on Yupo paper


Wadi Rum On My Mind

acrylic & mixed media on canvas

H15” x W30”



Longing For You


H27” x W21”


Musical Morning

acrylic & mixed media on paper

H13” x W16"



acrylic & mixed media on canvas

H24” x W18"


Wadi Rum II

acrylic & mixed media on canvas

H20" x W20”


Soccer in Sarasota


15" x 20"