Jack Puglisi

Jack Puglisi

Jack Puglisi was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area and attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Point Park University. He has been exhibiting his particular styles of artwork for the past two decades. He is a member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, The Pittsburgh Society of Artists, and numerous local art organizations.

“My work is about compelling images and interesting techniques. The subject matter is almost exclusively portraits or figurative work. I draw my ideas from spontaneous inspiration—either people whom I have known for a period of time and suddenly see in some new light, or the stranger that I encounter in an original setting. Sometimes the concept comes before the subject, and I search for the right face or form to adapt to the idea.

“Pen and ink is my primary medium. The techniques of pointillism and crosshatching are the two expressions that I favor most. Pointillism is the method of composing pictures from thousands of hand-placed dots of ink, creating colors and shades by the juxtaposition of the dots. A large picture can take over four months and an undetermined number of hours to produce. Crosshatching is the use of overlapping lines, drawn in multiple directions, building shade and texture as you go.

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