Nina Sowiski

Nina Sowiski

Before I was a photographer, I was a gardener. Now I am both. Last night I dreamt about plants: about a fruit tasting event and about my childhood back yard garden. I attribute this enjoyable dream night to my focus on plants in this current exhibit.*

I take pictures of whatever catches my interest, from vast landscapes to tiny details, from cathedrals to part of a door with weathered paint, from redwood trees to pearly slug eggs in garden soil. For this exhibit I chose to focus on plants removed from their natural settings, plants as specimens photographed in a way to accentuate certain details; the cellophane appearance of iris bud layers, the beauty in fading tulips, the sophistication of a calla lily. Some photographs are reminiscent of botanical studies.

Calla Lily on Orange

Nina Sowiski was raised in Pittsburgh surrounded by artists in a home filled with art. After retiring from a career in healthcare, she focused on photography over other art forms. A member of Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Society of Artists, Nina's award-winning work has been exhibited in individual and group shows throughout the region.

Amaryllis 2

Opening Sunflower

Amaryllis 1

Poppy 7

Siberian Iris Buds

Fading Beauty

Seed Pods - Koelreuteria Paniculata