Ron Nigro

Ron Nigro

Altered, reclaimed, technology in unity with materials of traditional artistic expression, an experiment in progress. Combining an appreciation for contemporary industrial design with careful craftsmanship the process continues.

Though the mechanical may seem to dominate the design through its embellishment of surface the construction is always at heart. Reflections of symbols and totems reveal a sense of tradition and reverence for the symbolism and power of the object.

Ronald Nigro

Ronald is a life long resident of Trafford, attended Edinboro state College and the university of Pittsburgh. Educated as an art teacher he attained a bachelors and masters degree in art education. Presently retired from thirty-nine years teaching art K-12 he continues his education career as an adjunct instructor at Seton Hill University. Ronald has taught for Western Psychiatric ADD summer treatment program as well as numerous workshops.

Ronald is a member of the Associated Artists, Pittsburgh Society of artists, and the Pittsburgh Society Sculptors. He has exhibited in a variety of venues solo, group, and through the associations he belongs to. Purchases include Pittsburgh Friends of the Arts, Latrobe School District Collection, Southmoreland School district collection, and private collections nationwide. Solo exhibitions have included the Hoyt Institute, Sweetwater Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, 22nd West, Lafond, Chiz, Bella Arte, and others. Ronald has also exhibited in the Art of the State Pennsylvania twice, Southern Alleghenies Ligonier and Loretta, TRAF, Westmoreland Arts and Heritage festival and Nationls. Nigro continues to explore the combination of technology salvaged mixed media sculpture. He also delves into other media including two dimensional work, polymer clay, and met