Suzanne Werder

Suzanne Werder

I believe in the power of art to transform, redeem, heal and reveal.

My work seeks to give voice to silenced people by creating ways of seeing and listening to them. Some bodies of my work deal with redeeming materials that would ordinarily be of little worth and discarded such as toilet paper rolls and plastic bags. The focus of other work has shifted from undervalued materials to undervalued people.

I wish to question the cultural narratives that underpin people’s negative reactions to individuals within marginalized groups as I look to raise their profiles and share their stories. Portraits have too long been the reflection of only the wealthy and powerful. I portray those who otherwise would never have their portraits drawn or painted. An artistic representation of someone can reveal the spark of individuality as well as a glimpse of our shared humanity, the extraordinary within the ordinary, beauty out of brokenness.

Works by Suzanne on the Pittsburgh Artist Registry:

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