Victor Beltran
Victor Beltran is an accomplished artist, architect and art teacher. He has won numerous awards and has exhibited in the US including at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador in the Peruvian Embassy Gallery, and Brazil. A native of Lima, Peru, Victor has over 45 years of experience in architecture, illustration, and watercolor. Victor is an accomplished watercolorist and teacher and past Vice-President of the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society.

In 2016, he was awarded first prize for his painting, “Block the Storm” at the juried competition of the 70th Anniversary of the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society (PWS) at the Three Rivers Arts Festival (TRAF).

After decades of sketching throughout the world and teaching art, Victor has developed skills where he can quickly express ideas, emotions, and themes, based on his personal experiences. Victor is spontaneous in his ability to produce images; he explores various dimensions of creativity as he uses colors, shapes, light and non-traditional tools. As a modern artist, Victor reflects the world around him and captures his most inner life to share an adventure in creativity with others.