Joshua Hogan
Oil on Canvas
10.25" x 10.25"
Hogan’s paintings start wet on wet with fluid mark making - a mix of runs, drips, and splatters - slowly forming mysterious forms he calls “wayfarers”. As he paints, Hogan turns the picture plane until he observes interaction between the wayfarers. Applying a synthetist palette, Hogan layers transparent color to create perceptual dimension. He intends for the wayfarers to appear as if in continuous movement, traveling through a vast, abstract landscape. Hogan uses a variety of painting techniques, from a dry brush over wet paint to a palette knife with textured color. These techniques emphasize the wayfarers. They seem to communicate feeling through the glow of paint. Hogan's paintings visually communicate his own interactions with people, as well as the interactions he observes between others. Paint is the vehicle he uses to express these experiences and his forms strive to capture the delicate essence of our emotions.