Mary B. Mason

This body of work was created during fall. I selected the categories of FISHING, TREES, and PRIMARY COLORS for the East of East Street Show. The Ancient Chinese Raku enameling technique was used on the metal by burning leaves to give a creek or stream effect. Natural stones and fibers where used to enhance the enameled leaves in the next grouping. Elementary art and the beginning of school inspired the whimsical primary color group.

One-of-a-kind enamel jewelry is my media. Enameling is the art of fusing/painting layers of glass to metal, then firing it with a torch or in a kiln. There are many elements and processes in each unique design. Skills in enameling and metalsmithing are required. A variety of tools are used to set, chaise, file, saw, polish and solder each creation to completion. Final presentation materials often incorporated in each pendant necklace, ring, earrings or bracelet are; copper, sterling silver, brass, natural and found objects, Swarovski crystals, natural stone, gems, fossils and fibers.