Philip Rostek
Light at St. Peter and Paul
16” x 20”
tar on canvas
Philip Rostek received the Zoller Award at the Pennsylvania State University and represented that school in the National Collegiate Drawing Competition. After his MFA at Carnegie Mellon University he returned as an invitee to write theory for the Digital Art Exchange Group. (most notably La Plissure du Texte, Electra ’83, organized by Roy Ascott, La Musee´ d’Art de la Ville de Paris; and Network Planetario / Laboratorio Ubique, La Biennale de Venezia, Italy. Philip was honored as a founding member of the Seton Hill University Art Department in 2018.

St. Bonaventure holds major pieces in their collection. He has exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally and has a long standing relationship with the concept of Fusionism. He has composed music for both theater and ballet. His new book A Foreigner in Hades, published by Autonomedia, is available on Amazon.