Eileen Stoner
Graphite on Paper Image
9" x 9” 
Framed to 20" x 16” 

Graphite Artist

I retired in 2005 after 38 years in the business world. At the request of a friend, I attended a watercolor class. I found watercolors to be too loose and flowing where I tend to be very detail oriented. I struggled to find a medium that fit my personality. Five years ago I tried my mother’s graphite pencils and found that medium fit my need for detail and love of black and white images. I came to love the values that can be expressed thru this medium.

My drawings consist mostly of animals/pets but also insects -because they are so very detailed. Most drawings take anywhere from 10- 20 hours to complete and are primarily from reference photos. The photos allow me to capture the eyes and the personality of each animal.

Self taught, I use primarily 4H, B, 2B, 4B and 8B pencils. I also use blending stumps and Q-tips to create softness and shadows. When starting a drawing, I lightly draw as much of the outline as possible and define the correct placement of the eyes. I then add layers ending with the darkest pencil. After completing the entire drawing I finish the eyes. The final reward is bringing the animal to life through its eyes.

I have exhibited in various art shows in the region and have been the recipient of several awards. While winning awards is always great, winning the appreciation of a pet owner for a drawing of their loved pet is even more satisfying.