Ron Korczynski
Toucan Platter 

Artist's Statement:

Joseph Campbell paraphrasing Kant states “the best things can’t be told because they transcend thought”. Those things we most enjoy cannot be explained; a flower blooming, the touch of a loved one’s hand, a baby’s smile.

My experiences with my work are that way. I cannot properly put into words the feel of the clay in my hands, the “growth” of the pots as they change from a shapeless mass into a bowl, casserole or vase, the look of the dry glazes as I decorate, the touch and visual experience of the work as it comes from the kiln. I am at a loss when trying to explain the pleasure derived from seeing a vase holding flowers, a casserole being cooked in, bowls being used to serve or a platter simply being enjoyed visually. I want to make good pots for people to enjoy functionally, visually and tactually.