Peter Calaboyias

The paintings in this exhibit were done during the past decade on the island of Ikaria, Greece. These are impressions or images of the local area; some are narrative and others represent forms which appear in the bronze works. Bright colors are inspired by the light of the Aegean Sea while some mythological traces that can be seen in the” Mycenae Masks” and the” Sirens.” Other bronze works, such as “Aegean Sun II”, represents the setting sunset as the pleated rays sink into the horizon while “West View Window” gives a view of the Aegean as looking through an ancient temple entrance.

I was born on the island which is named after the Mythological figure “Icarus”. Icarus flew close to the sun, the wax holding the feathers melted and he fell on the island. Like most Aegean Islands, Ikaria has a great history and is inspirational for artists, poets, actors, writers and musicians to experience and allow their imaginations of time and space to lift their creativity.