Randie Snow
Frankenstein (detail)

Randie Snow is an independent graphic designer and assemblage artist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally from the Chautauqua Lake region in Western New York, she moved to Pittsburgh after high school to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. After graduating with honors, she acquired a position with a small design firm where she worked for several years before moving on to larger agencies. It wasn’t until she met a local artist in the summer of 2003 that she was introduced to assemblage art and discovered her true passion. 

Influenced by her experience as a graphic designer, Randie’s assemblages integrate multi-layered, harmonious visual aesthetics. She pays close attention to the minute details of not only how the color, texture, and shape of each individual object contributes to the overall piece, but also how it symbolically represents and fits into the over-arching theme or concept. The search for balance inspired many of Randie’s recent collections, including a series of apothecary jars (“Through the Looking Glass”) that juxtaposed the semi-scientific “magic” of antique medicine against the fictional fairy tale magic of the Alice in Wonderland story. In “Seeds of Wisdom,” she illustrated the parallel between the wisdom of human culture and nature’s inherent wisdom by aligning the proverbs of different cultures with raw materials like organic seed pods.