Kathleen Dlugos

I have developed a habit of mapping my daily routine. I think about the lines invisibly drawn by my physical body, whether walking, or driving my car, and how these lines might look as I move across this planet.

Thinking about myself in relation to this place, in this moment of time has invited me to become attentive to subtle changes, inside and outside, such as aches in my bones and wrinkles on my face to the shifting of land, of light, of seasons. Years accumulate – and I’m often struck by the experience of time that seems to last forever to simultaneously knowing how quickly years, decades pass.

While I am marking my singular, individual experience, I am acutely aware of – sometimes intellectually, sometimes instinctively - the dynamic, seeping, percolating events underneath the physical surface – of both our bodies and our planet . 

As mutable as our memories, our time in this place will be folded into the span of our collective human story.

These paintings are part of a series entitled “Seismic” referring to the vibrations and fluctuations we may not even notice beneath our feet, under our skin, marked by beat, a rhythm within which we all share, that enduring quality of change.