Gerry Florida

vintage, recycled, contemporary materials

I am a recycle assemblage artist born from a reality of pain and educated by despair....a "Queen of Re-invention" and the "Master of Imperfection". My art work is reflection of my imagination and whimsical mental places I visit in my dreams. I resurrect spirit and excitement from the lifeless discards that I employ in my work, which in a sense, it is very magical...and all an illusion, but an acceptance of an internal spirit that ignites passion and defines my beliefs to create my very private and personal reality. I am the ultimate dreamer and this life is all my delusion.... and my aspiration is to continue living this way. Maybe it's really all about nothing, but I don't need to know that, do I?... since I have made peace living in dual harmony with “the real world” and with the one I can create. It has now become my religion so to speak and exemplified through my work and way of life.  Finally, I am happy and flourishing in a mindset of artistic possibilities... and to arrive here, I had to humbly learn the power of imperfection, self acceptance and forgiveness. You see, once you appreciate that these are potent ingredients of emotional freedom, the kind of freedom required to live in a state of continual creation, than you can understand that life is born from joy and despair and that forgiveness is the key to "walking on air" somewhere in between.