Maura Koehler Keeney
Oil on stretched canvas
18W x 18H
My paintings reflect dramatic moments in the life of plants and natural subjects of the earth. By studying a minute part I am looking to understand the whole. The singular characteristics of my chosen subjects are revealed through color, texture, and form in the light and space in which they exist. These details of nature are often overlooked but through magnifying the forms, their intricacies are revealed. Examining nature on these dual micro and macro levels parallels the introspective way in which we contemplate our own lives. Nature’s cycles reflect the full circle of man undergoing constant changes from birth, through maturation, and ultimately death.

Today, as climate change becomes a reality, nature's survival in all of its forms and cycles is threatened. We have both an emotional and physical relationship with the earth and these natural forms are symbols of our shared connection to life. I hope to affect viewers with my celebration of nature's awe-inspiring influence upon my life.

Maura Koehler Keeney