Michael Jacques
Watercolor on rough 300lb paper


Early in my relationship with my wife (of 33 years and counting), she asked me what I hoped to accomplish with my painting. I replied that "I want to make exquisitely beautiful things." That reply, of course, begged more questions than it answered.

After going to art school years later, I was better prepared, telling her that--for my own art, anyway--I'm not so interested in expressing any particular philosophical position on why I paint, that I was more interested in the craft of painting than in pursuing whatever "art" value can be found in making watercolors on paper.

I had by then also a better explanation of what I meant by "exquisitely beautiful things." My goal was then--and remains--to make well-crafted paintings that demonstrate a continually increasing apprehension of the elements of most drawing and painting: composition and the use of line, shape, color, texture, and value. I strive to make paintings that will last a very long time.

My paintings are far from "exquisitely beautiful things," but I'm still learning and--I hope--getting better. I hope you enjoy them.