Tina Williams Brewer

Tina Williams Brewer’s fiber art reveals her exploration of African American cultural identity. Channeling messages from the ancestors, notions of family, spiritual life, and cultural history are intertwined in patterns, symbols, and sewn lines.

Often described as art quilts, Brewer’s art acts as ber story maps. Inspired by the Lukasa memory boards, wooden mnemonic devices to reinterpret oral traditions and events, her quilts function as guideposts of both well-known and hidden paths of how we can experience this world. Similar to how memory boards reveal more layers of knowledge through a special interpreter, her work operates on multiple levels and with many layers of meaning.

Using layers of color and transparent cloth, Brewer finds links between past, present, and future. As she explores her heritage and the African Diaspora, she likens her path to an archeological dig. She investigates and carefully unearths what is hidden to understand history more fully.