John Eastman

Acrylic on canvas
60"H x 48"W
Artist's Statement
I am a painter, writer, wood and mixed media artist deeply engaged in multi­disciplined projects. My work is about addressing and confronting dead on, the deep emotions and experiences within life; the euphoric highs, the depth of lows, struggles and triumphs, risk taking, winning, losing everything, grieving, surviving, and coming back, again and again, to reinvent. I am welled up by the richness of visual, sound, and written material in life. What I seek with the body of my work, is to reach a intense and direct conveyance to the viewer. I am seeking to share a connection.

I am highly influenced by political and world news, musical lyrics, architectural work, the minimal design approach of products and spaces, and movie directors and their works. Much of my work involves a reference to minimalism. I am moved by low profile, low function, low tech items as their simplicity and function seem to say, here I am, enjoy my transparency, enjoy my simplicity and peacefulnes