Opening September 18th | 2-5 p.m.
Ruthanne Bauerle | Brian McDermott | Bruce Pipman
Continues through October 29, 2016

Previous Exhibitions
Channeling Arthur Dove

Jerome D'Angelo  |  Alexis Dillon  |  Maura Keeney
Opening May 15, and continuing through July 9, 2016
Three Top Student Winners
of the Eleanor Friedberg Scholarship Awards 
from the 2016 MCG Arts Invitational
Kira Lugo  |  Aleksei Kaminski  |  Jacob Wright

Also featuring works by the Pittsburgh Group:
Donna Hollen Bolmgren, Dorothy Forman, Adrienne Heinrich, Lorraine Levy, Judy Musser, Debra Platt, Sue Pollins, Aline Shader, Phiris Kathryn Sickels, Jill Whitaker, Kathleen Zimbicki.