The grand vision of the Evolver Social Movement is a bold and daring one: to create an international alternate social structure of evolvers who share their talents, resources, wisdom, and passions in building a better, more equitable world.  We promote and support an emerging value system that is sustainable, full of meaning and founded on human connection. Our community appreciates the magical aspects of life and cultivates a visceral connection to the natural world. Where others may hear alarm bells (peak oil, 2012, global warming) we answer the call -- contributing to a new planetary culture based on ecological values, creative collaboration, and conscious evolution.

The Evolver Spores are at the center of this mission, providing a space for a diverse array of individuals, groups, and organizations to connect and collaborate in order to transform their local communities while synching up their energies and intentions with a larger movement that is learning and growing together.  The Evolver regionals create a unique hub that can bring many different tribes together under one umbrella -- from bicycle co-ops and yoga studios to neighborhood gardens and urban homesteads to open source programmers and local currency groups. We believe the success of each Spore relies on getting many different local groups and scenes to come together to build a more vibrant sense of community.

Evolver encourages local autonomy for events and activities, while combining the resources and collective wisdom of an interconnected organic social structure growing across the world.  We are here to help each other “build the better world our hearts know is possible,” sharing the tools, wisdom, and promotional engine of our growing network to create the change we want to see.